I am a volunteer at the St. Joseph house Catholic Worker, usually working at the front door. I am often asked where one can get a pair of pants, maybe a shower, or a place to stay. At first I handed out folded paper lists of local services. The next step was to take it on line. This is a current list of services provided in the downtown Manhattan area that can be easily accessed from an “Obama” cell phone or printed out on a public library computer. 

In putting together this list, I was stunned at how difficult it was this get the basic information people need from local service provider’s web sites. I was often presented with a big hard to miss [DONATE] button at the top of their home page, but for someone in need looking for an actual service, or what time to show up, not so easy. Hopefully this Help List can be a conduit between the local services available and the people who need them. 

If you have any thoughts, corrections, updates or comments, feel free to email me at:


Thanks a bunch, -Mick ❤️